Why Sell Your Apartment to a New York City Real Estate Investor?

Why Sell Your Apartment to a New York City Real Estate Investor?

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You’ve probably encountered real estate investor signs in your neighborhood or seen the ads online.  The sites claim they’ll buy your house fast and make the selling process painless for you–but is it true?  If you partner with the right real estate investor, you can make the sale work in your favor.  This is how Metropolitan Homes Group buys home from individual sellers.  Here, learn why selling your  apartment to a New York City real estate investor is such a great idea.

Different payment options

Investors understand that it’s important for you to get paid for your house in a way that suits your needs.  Many real estate investors will pay all cash, others other scheduled cash payments, and others might even take over your current mortgage and reimburse you for what you deserve. These varying payment options make it easy for you to decide payment plan is right for you.

Sell your place for cash to a New York City real estate investor

Cash is king in the real estate world.  Real estate investors who pay all cash are trying to help you get a speedy and easy sale.  Cash sales make it very easy for you to use the cash in any way you like, whether it’s for a new home, investing, paying off debt, or going on vacation.

Sell your apartment in “As Is” condition

If your apartment isn’t garnering much interest on the housing market due to its condition, selling it “As Is,” is a great way to get a sale.  You won’ have to worry about costly renovations that eat up your time and energy.  When you sell in “As Is” condition, you simply move out and move on and let the investor take care of the rest.

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Get a speedy closing

We know time is of the essence, which is why we help you closing quickly.  Most investors can close between 7-30 days, which is significantly faster than a market sale. Here is how the sale process works: the investor will talk with you about the property and will give you an offer that you can accept or reject.  If you accept the offer, you can quickly move to closing and sell the house fast.

Skip commissions and sell your apartment fast

Real estate investors don’t charge commissions for house sales like real estate agents do, and most investors don’t charge extra fees either.  Even if the offer price from the investor is lower than the market, you will save money in the long run by selling your place quickly.  You’ll save money when you sell in 30 days rather than taking 8 months for a real estate agent to get your place sold.

If you are thinking about selling your New York City apartment, but you aren’t quite sure how to sell it, talk to a real estate investor who cares.  I’m Kevin, and at Metropolitan Homes Group, I have your best interests at heart when you sell your apartment in New York.  I want the sale to work for you.  Give me a call today and we’ll see how much you can get your your apartment in New York City.

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