Top 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Top 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

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Moving is hard work! For a less stressful move,  it’s wise to be prepared and do certain things in advance in order to save yourself some time and hassle on moving day.  These moving tips will help you stress less leading up to moving day and have a smooth transition during your big change.  And when it’s finally all said and done, pat yourself on the back–moving is not easy!

De-clutter beforehand

Moving is enough of a headache without dragging needless extra stuff with you!  The best way to de-stress before moving day?  Lighten your load by removing all junk from your home.  This includes anything that you don’t want or use anymore and will donate or throw away.  It could include clothing, accessories, crafts, games, toys, decor items and so forth.  Getting rid of all the junk will help you move with a clean slate of items you love and will use.

Stash the essentials

Put all the things you’ll need on your first day at your new home in a special box that goes in the car with you.  This could include bed sheets, towels, favorite toys or blankets, cleaning supplies or anything else you deem absolutely necessary.  Also, be sure to keep important documents that are not easily replaced (like passports, tax forms, insurance information, birth certificates, etc) near you.  You don’t want these items to get stolen, damaged, or lost.  

Get renovations finished first

Moving into a home that’s not quite ready for you could be a miserable experience.  You’ll be tripping over boxes or trying to finish painting with things in your way. That’s not fun at all. If your circumstances allow , get all home renovations completed (or as many as you can) before moving in.  You’ll deal with less mess and less stress.

Lessen stress by staying organized

It’s hard to find a person who loves the moving process – decluttering, getting boxes, packing, and doing all the administrative stuff that comes with moving. Yes to a new home but can we skip the moving part?

Marking boxes and organizing items in piles or keeping checklists are some great ways of reducing moving stress.  The more organized you are, the smoother your move will go.  Here’s a helpful moving checklist to help you get started.

Pack heavy and light the right way

There’s nothing worse than picking up a huge box and finding out that’s it’s unbearably heavy too (been there, done that)  Be smart– pack small boxes with heavy things (so you can’t load too much) and pack larger boxes with light things.  This will lessen the load as you’re carrying all those boxes into the new place.

Keep a property inventory

This is a fantastic tip—instead of trying to keep track of all the things you own and where they came from and how long you’ve had them, start an inventory list of important items on a spreadsheet.  This way, you can keep track of things you own by having their warranty information, serial numbers, or even proof of purchase information.  The worst thing would be to lose some of your property and have no way of replacing it.  By keeping a log of all your property, you’ll manage all your items.  You could also take a video camera throughout your house to document your items.  This will make it easier to get things replaced if something happens to them.

Avoid mold and mildew

Anything that might be wet during a move from use (like a washing machine or dishwasher or wet clothing or wet dishes) needs to be dry.  You never know how long it will take your things to get from one place to the next and they could be stuck in a hot or cold environment with possible humidity.  You don’t want to find your things ruined by mold.  So, dry things like washers and air conditioners in advance.  Make sure all clothing, towels, and linens are clean and completely dry.

Let the movers do their job- but step in if you must

If you’ve chosen to use movers, don’t pack things in boxes yourself or you could be made liable if anything were to happen to the things inside.  Let the movers do their job—they can often do it better than you can.  But, make sure you’re there to supervise and direct.  You don’t want them to forget a cupboard of dishes or to pack things in a way that will damage them.  Make sure you create checklists with items from each room and also look at the lists compiled by the movers.  Make sure your items are labeled correctly.  Be kind and offer drinks and pizza to them and they’ll be sure to do a good job!

Be handy

Keep Ziploc bags on hand for movers.  These can be used to hold screws or small parts of furniture that has to be disassembled.  Tape the bags to the larger furniture pieces so they don’t get lost.  You can also go through each room before the move and set things out that need to be packed and remove items that you’ll take yourself in your car or suitcase.  It’s also nice of you to pack up small items like Legos or toys in Ziploc bags—the movers will really appreciate that.  They will also appreciate you cleaning and dusting your items in advance.  You can ask them to wrap bedding, couches, and mattresses in plastic.  They’ll get really dirty really fast if you don’t.  Nobody likes a black mattress.

What’s in your new neighborhood?

It can be helpful to know where the closest gas station, pharmacy, or even late-night food place is in your new neighborhood.  Scope out the area in advance if you can or if not, use the internet to find some things near you there.

Moving can be a tricky process, but it doesn’t have to be for you.  Following these tips to stay organized, keep all the essentials near you, and keep track of all your items will help you save time and energy on moving day.  Once it’s all done, you’ll be so glad to be in your new place!  Enjoy it!

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