Selling Your Family Home: Coping with Emotions & Saying Goodbye

Selling Your Family Home: Coping with Emotions & Saying Goodbye

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Moving away from the home that you and your family have grown and loved in can be tough.  These structures come to mean so much to us.  If you want to honor your old home and be ready to move on to the new house, here’s a few ways to celebrate and commemorate before moving day comes.  Here’s how to say goodbye to your family home.

Hold on to the memories in your family home

Hopefully you have photos of your home throughout the years that you lived there.  Look through these photos and relive every memory.  Remember the time the kids threw spaghetti all over the wall?  Or how about the time you all worked in the garden outside?  Do you remember when you remodeled your bathroom–it was such a mess and turned into a spa-like space.  Cherish these memories and take another photo in front of your house before you leave.  

Host a farewell party

A great way to say goodbye to the friends and neighbors that you’ve made since living in this house is by hosting a farewell party.  Now, just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you can’t hold on to your friends, but it’s ok to be sad that some of them won’t be so close by.  Leaving great neighbors behind is a hard thing to do but celebrating with them one last time will feel nice.

Welcome the new owners to your family home

A great way to honor your home and share you love for it is by welcoming the new owners.  You could leave them a note or letter that includes things you love about the home.  You could leave behind a few simple pieces of decor that brightens up the empty home.  Wish them well and go on your way.

Take a piece with you

If there is a small part of the house that’s particularly meaningful to you, it’s ok to take it with you.  This doesn’t mean to go crack off a piece of the foundation though!  Rather, remove a plant or shrug from the yard that you love.  Take the trim that marks the height changes of your children or your favorite door handle.  Though small, these pieces will mean a great deal to you in the years to come.

Leave your mark when selling your family home

If you want your house to remember you forever, you could leave a small mark or insignia in an inconspicuous location.  Have kids put their handprints in concrete in the basement or write your names in the unfinished wood rafters of the attic.  You don’t want to distract from or hurt the home but leaving your mark can be done in a small and tasteful way.

Thank your house for holding you and then move on

Before moving away, go through each room of your house and say goodbye. Thank your house for holding you and your family together.  It’s ok to mourn this house.  When you leave, you’ll be ready to make new memories in your new home.

Moving to a new house can be an emotional experience for everyone, especially when you have lived in your current home for a long time and are attached to it.  Following these easy tips will help you say goodbye to your family home before moving away and will prepare you to make new memories in your future house.  If you want to learn more about selling your house for cash in New York City, contact Kevin with Metropolitan Homes Group today. 

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