Reasons Why Your House in New York Isn’t Selling

Reasons Why Your House in New York Isn’t Selling

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If you’ve had your house listed on the market or if you’ve been trying to sell on your own for months without even so much as a showing, something needs to change! Without properly preparing your home for sale, you might have a hard time finding the right buyer.  At Metropolitan Homes Group, we take all the guesswork out of the equation for you.  You can sell your home in New York and get a fast closing.  We can buy your home in “As Is” condition, meaning you don’t have to do any repairs on the home or pay a real estate agent commission. If you’re wondering why your house in New York isn’t selling, check out these reasons to get your home sale back on track.

House isn’t selling in New York due to a lack of curb appeal

Many homeowners will list their homes before even looking at the front exterior of the home to see what kind of shape it’s in.  Most homeowners need to give the front of the house a little TLC.  Simply trimming hedges and washing windows can be a great start.  Now, spruce up the shutters and the door with a fresh coat of paint and add some homey decor to help the house feel fresh and friendly.  If you live in an apartment building, make sure that your front door and balcony areas are neat and orderly and report any entryway violations to the building manager. 

House isn’t selling in New York because it needs repairs

Many homes are in need of some repairs before buyers will be interested.  If your home needs extensive repairs or renovations and you don’t have the money to put into it, you can consider selling your home to real estate investors like Metropolitan Homes Group.  This can save you money since you will not have to do any repair work on the home.  You also won’t have to pay for an appraisal or inspection. If you decide to sell the house on the market, you will want to make a list of all the repairs that need to be taken care of and check them off once they’ve been completed.  Once repairs are done, buyers will be more likely to take your house seriously.

House isn’t selling in New York because the clutter is out of control

You might have a perfectly lovely home, but if your countertops and closets and filled to the brim, home buyers will have less interest.  A great rule to go by is the ⅔ rule. Go through every cluttered space in the house and remove ⅔ of the items.  Then space things out nicely (such as in a closet or cabinet).  You’ll notice how much nicer things look when the majority of your things are gone.  You might even want to get rid of a lot of that clutter, since you don’t need it anyway.

house in New York isn't selling

House isn’t selling in New York because you’re not willing to negotiate the sales price

Sellers who aren’t willing to budge on the price of the home usually become sellers whose houses sit on the market for ages.  The house might not be worth what you think it is and buyers might not be willing to pay the price you listed.  If you find yourself turning down every offer and being unwilling to negotiate or compromise on the price, you’ll soon have no one interested in the home.  Be flexible and be agreeable–you’re likely to get a better deal that way.

Selling yourself versus Not using a Realtor

There are many home sellers who would like to try their hand at selling their house on their own.  This usually leads to a house being sold for less than it is worth.  If you still want to sell your house, but would like to avoid the agent’s commission fee, consider selling your house to Metropolitan Homes Group.  We will give you a fair and honest offer, we close fast and you won’t pay any extra fees.  It’s a great deal if you need to sell your house in New York house quickly.

If your house has been sitting on the market and you find yourself losing patience, try our tips to give your house a boost.  If your house isn’t selling in New York like you want it to be, give us a call.  We can give you a free offer and there’s no pressure to sign with us.  Find out how much money you could get by selling your house to us today.  

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