How to Keep Your Home Well Maintained Over the Years

How to Keep Your Home Well Maintained Over the Years

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You finally managed to buy the house of your dreams and now you’re planning on staying in it for the next 10 years or so.  What great news!  Now, how do you keep that house in good working order so that it maintains its value, even over time?  Well, it’s not as hard as you might be thinking.  Most the maintenance you will do in your home will be simple and routine.  Some of it will not, but those will usually be emergency fixes (new hot water heater, fix the HVAC, fix leaks in roof or basement).  Don’t sweat it– you can manage this!  Just stay on top of things.  Here’s 7 tips for keeping your home well maintained over the years.

Clean often

This is probably the least exciting thing to do to maintain your home’s value– but it’s also the most important.  Basic cleaning (and yearly deep cleaning) will keep your home looking and feeling good.  Appliances tend to stay functioning longer if you take proper care of them (cleaning them out and getting rid of dust build-up).  So, cleaning makes your home look nice, but it can also be a huge help on the maintenance front.

Curb appeal

Don’t wait until you sell your home to update your curb appeal.  Don’t you want to enjoy walking up to a nice front door, with lovely landscaping and a beautiful entryway?  Then don’t wait– start doing small upgrades now to give your house a facelift.  Plant some plants and make the yard look nice.  Keep the exterior paint looking nice.  Add new hardware or repaint the front door to keep everything looking neat.


Repainting walls that are blank or boring will help improve your mood and it will also help with the value of the home.  Painted walls are worth more than bare ones.  But, don’t go too crazy– remember to keep things in soft muted tones that are warm and inviting.

Update older appliances

You don’t need to upgrade everything overnight, especially if you just bought this house.  Maybe what it needs, instead of upgrading everything, is a few simple updates.  You could update the dishwasher or refrigerator with newer models.  You don’t have to get the latest and greatest either– choose something nice that will stand the test of time.

Check plumbing

This is something you should check up on every now and then, just to make sure you don’t have a major problem on your hands.  Check all visible pipes and faucets for rust, leaks, or corrosion.  Have a plumber come take a look if you spot anything fishy.  

Keep the roof in good condition

You should know that some roofs need to be replaced every 15 years while others can withstand up to 50 years of use.  Understanding what type of roof you have and keeping a close eye on it will help you with overall maintenance.  Keep your gutters clean of debris and unclogged and watch your roof for broken or falling shingle tiles.  

Make it Energy Efficient

The best thing you can do for long-term maintenance is install Energy Efficient fixtures in your home.  It will save you a ton of money overall (think lowered utility and water bills) and will make your home look nicer.  You can do low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets, as well as Energy Star fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.  You can even install light bulbs that don’t take as much energy and low-watt recessed lighting.  

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