Here’s How to Sell Your Nassau County House in One Week

Here’s How to Sell Your Nassau County House in One Week

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sell your house in Nassau CountyHave you ever wondered if there’s a faster way to sell your Nassau County house so you don’t have to put it  on the real estate market?  There is!  Did you know that you can sell your house in one week without the help of a real estate agent and without having to make any changes to your home at all?  It’s true!  At Metropolitan Homes Group, we will buy your home for cash in as little as one week.  Whatever your reason for needing to sell quickly, we can help you handle the closing and pay off your mortgage.  Here’s how to sell your Nassau County house in one week. 

Avoid paying extra fees

When you sell your house to Metropolitan Homes Group, we don’t tack on any extra fees or payments.  Instead, we will give you a fair offer price on your home after doing a bit of research.  We are not real estate agents and we will not charge you a real estate agent fee.  If you sold your house on the market, you would typically have to pay a 6% fee to your real estate agent (and possibly the buyer’s agent too). Avoid those fees by selling for cash and sell your house in 7 days by selling to us.  You’ll be glad you did.

Sell your house in its current condition

When you list your home on the market, you will typically need to prep the home for sale–which means repairing any damages to the house, repainting, fixing wall scratches and dents and redoing the floors.  This can be a lot of work and can also become pretty expensive, depending on the house.  Then, when you list the house, you have no idea if you’ll get any offers that will cover what you just paid in renovation costs.  If you sell to Metropolitan Homes Group, you won’t have to update or change a single thing in your home.  You can sell it in its ‘as is’ condition. This is great for sellers who are low on capital or time and know the home will be expensive to repair.  

Sell your Nassau County house in one week and get a fast closing

Most closing periods happen several months after offers have been made and accepted.  We have the capability to go to closing as quickly as possible and we have a shorter escrow period as well (which means you receive your cash payout faster).  Selling for cash is the fastest way to sell your house and still make a profit off it.

Selling your house in Nassau County in 7 days would be almost impossible on the real estate market–but with Metropolitan Homes Group, it’s very possible!  We know that some buyers have to get out of a house fast, whether it’s for a new job, a deployment, avoiding a foreclosure, or anything else.  We will help you through the selling process quickly so you can be on your way.  If you want to sell your house in one week, please give us a call so we can prepare a free offer for you.

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