We Buy Ugly and Pretty Houses in Long Island, NY

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // March 8, 2017

If you are in possession of what is considered to be an ‘ugly house,’ then you already know that it can be tough to sell this kind of house. Attractive homes which have been updated and renovated tend to sell much faster than houses in need of love and repairs.  So, what can you do […]

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The Most Effective Way to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // March 1, 2017

  Do you want to sell your house fast but avoid paying a Realtor for their services?  We understand–selling your home on your own can be slow and difficult, with little marketing help.  Selling your house with a Realtor can make things happen faster, but then you have to pay 6% in commissions.  Neither of […]

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Add Value to Your New York Home with these Home Improvements

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 22, 2017

If you’re wanting to update your home, but you’re not quite sure where you should put your money, check out this list.  I’ve rounded up a list of home improvements that will add the most value to your home for the least amount of money.  This will help you get the most bang for your […]

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How We Buy Houses in Queens, New York

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 15, 2017

  Queens, New York is the easternmost borough in New York City, and is also the largest area.  The area has a high number of homes and easy access to the city. In this area, you are located near some of the best arts, entertainment, and historical sites in the country.  Due to this proximity to […]

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Here’s What to Look for in Real Estate 2017

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 8, 2017

for sale by owner

2016 was a major year for real estate.  The rates were low, prices were up, and there was a great deal of interest in properties on the market.  The coming year will have both highs and lows, and market professionals are excited to see what the future holds.  Here’s what Metropolitan Homes Group believes is […]

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Finally! A Company that Will Buy My House Fast in New York

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 1, 2017

  Here at Metropolitan Homes Group, when we see a need, we want to fill it.  We understand that life is not always easy or fair and sometimes the best thing to do when times get tough is cut your losses and move on.  If you need to sell your house quickly and are not […]

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Do You Want to Sell Rental Properties in Brooklyn? We Buy Properties for Cash

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // January 25, 2017

Are you a landlord owner with multiple properties in Brooklyn, New York?  Being a landlord can be such a thankless job.  Tenants are tough to deal with, hard on your properties, and collecting rent can be such a chore. If you’ve had it up to here dealing with rental properties and are ready to sell, […]

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Is Your House Tough to Sell? We Buy Hard-to-Sell Homes in Long Island, NY

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // January 18, 2017

Long Island, New York is a great place to live.  It’s located in an ideal location, being close to New York City and in a cozy, community-friendly area.  However, some houses in Long Island have a hard time on the market.  Homes in this part of New York are in high demand, which can make only the […]

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How to Sell Your “For Sale by Owner” House Fast

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // January 11, 2017

for sale by owner

Do you like selling your house yourself?  Are you a self-starter who doesn’t want to pay Realtor fees?  If you are attempting to put your house up  ‘for sale by owner,’ Metropolitan Homes Group is here to help– we will buy your house for all cash.  If you live in or near New York City, we […]

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Here’s How to Sell Your Nassau County House in One Week

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // January 4, 2017

sell your house in Nassau County

Have you ever wondered if there’s a faster way to sell your Nassau County house so you don’t have to put it  on the real estate market?  There is!  Did you know that you can sell your house in one week without the help of a real estate agent and without having to make any […]

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