If you are thinking of living in Queens

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // May 4, 2016

A lot people dream of owning a home at some point in their life. Unfortunately, most people do not see this dream come true due to lots of reasons. Difficult economic times and the fear of “taking the leap” leave many people renting and not enjoying the benefit of building equity that homes buyers have […]

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Curious about the spring housing market? Find out what’s happening from Trulia’s Chief Economist!

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // May 2, 2016

While spring homebuying started early this year, as famous Punxsutawney Phil confirmed without a shadow of a doubt at the beginning of February, this doesn’t mean you’re quite ready to add the title of homeowner to your name. It’s likely to be the biggest financial decision you will ever make, and one that does not need […]

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If you are thinking of living in Oyster Bay, Long Island

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // April 27, 2016

Oyster Bay, in Nassau county, has beautiful homes, both new and historic.  Part of the New York metropolitan area, Oyster Bay is the only town in Nassau county that extends from the North shore (Long Island Sound) to the South shore (Atlantic ocean). Oyster Bay has 37 separate incorporated villages and hamlets and is considered […]

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How to spend your tax refund on home projects by Brie Dyas

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // April 25, 2016

Pondering how to spend your tax refund? These projects do more than pay for themselves. Tempting as it may be, a new TV or much-deserved vacation might not be the smartest use of your tax refund. (Although they might be the most fun.) If you’re toying with ideas on how to spend your tax refund, […]

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If you are thinking of living in Deer Park, Long Island NY

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // April 20, 2016

A lot people are moving from the New York City metro area to the suburbs of Long Island. The reasons vary from too expensive, not enough space and wanting to live in a more peaceful area. “It is too expensive to buy a first home in Queens” says Cherie Bruckner, Sunnyside Queens resident. We want […]

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How to Tell the Fixer-Uppers from the Flops by Michael Corbett

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // April 18, 2016

Not all “fixers” are alike, and it takes careful consideration to find a fixer-upper that’s right for you. Buying a place that needs some work is a tried-and-true formula for getting more house for your money — especially if you’re handy and willing to trade in some sweat equity for a great deal on a home […]

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Urban homes outpacing suburbs in value

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // April 5, 2016

Owning a home in the suburbs has always been a dream for most Americans. And houses in the suburbs were typically more expensive than their counterparts in the urban area. To a certain extent this still holds true for many places in the country especially areas like Nashville, Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond. In all these […]

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Are Home Sales in the U.S. Tumbling?

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // March 29, 2016

Though the overall outlook of the housing market remained intact, sales in the U.S. single family homes tumbled in January especially in the western region. This is after a 10-month high. According to the Commerce Department, single family home sales took a drop of 9.2% in the last month. This nearly unwound December’s spiked increase. […]

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Things you should know about a Brooklyn Brownstone Home

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 16, 2016

  If you are looking to buy a Brooklyn Brownstone house, be warned that the competition in the market is fierce. This is especially so if the house happens to be in mint condition and the location is desirable. Before you think of making a purchase, there are a few things that you should educate […]

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Four Ways the Tech Boom Has Changed NYC’s Real Estate Landscape

Posted by Kevin Rosenbloom // February 10, 2016

Posted: 21/10/2015 23:44 IST Updated: 22/10/2015 00:29 IST Whether you see the rapid growth of tech startups as a boom or a bubble, tech activity is higher than it’s been since 2000 and has impacted the economies and landscapes of cities around the world. To meet the influx of tech companies and their needs, […]

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