5 Secret Tips for Buying an Apartment in New York City

5 Secret Tips for Buying an Apartment in New York City

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Do you want to find the right home for you fast and hassle-free?  Finding a house or an apartment in New York City can feel like going on a wild goose chase.  There are so many options but actually getting your hands on one that you like can be tough.  I’m Kevin, and at Metropolitan Homes Group, I help people find the New York apartment of their dreams.  Here are some great secret tips for making your home buying experience smoother and faster–so you can get back to your life again.  Here’s how to go about buying an apartment in New York City.

Get approved before looking for an apartment

If you want to streamline your buying process, go talk to a lender before doing anything else.  It would be unwise to look at houses, condos, or co-ops without knowing how much you want to spend and how much you are qualified to spend.  A lender can help you through the pre-approval process and can help you set a budget.  Then you will know what price to look for in an apartment.  Once you are approved, a real estate agent will be more likely to want to help you find a place, since you will have a pre-approval letter and can make an offer at any time.

Feel out the neighborhood

Before dragging your real estate agent all over New York City, it would be smart to decide which borough or neighborhood appeals to you most. Are you hoping to end up in Brooklyn?  Or would you prefer something cozy in Long Island?  Deciding where you want to live is almost as important as selecting the place itself.  Once you have an area in mind, look at the prices of homes there.  Decide if you like the style of building.  Find out how far your commute to work or to the grocery store would be.  One of the worst decisions you can make is buying the right place in the wrong location, so really get to know the area before settling.

Don’t buy for the wrong reasons

You will probably see a few different apartment that have all the gorgeous upgrades and amenities you are looking for…but it’s out of your price range.  Or, maybe you found a beautiful condo with character and charm, but it’s in need of some updating and space is seriously lacking.  Don’t get swayed by pretty things.  If you buy an apartment that costs too much for you, you will spend all your time stressed about making payments instead of enjoying it.  Also, if you choose a place that you love but that needs renovation, you’ll be frustrated when the stove stops working or the heater breaks.

buying an apartment in New York City

Make a decision wisely yet quickly

In New York City, real estate moves fast, so when you find the place that’s right for you, take some time to think it over and really examine all facets of buying this property.  Once you have made a decision though, don’t delay putting in an offer.  You wouldn’t want to get beat out by someone else!

Get it inspected before buying an apartment in New York City

Finally, before going to closing on an apartment, get the place inspected.  It will save you money down the road and will save you from buying a dump if there are major problems.  You will never ever regret getting a property inspected before purchasing.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to find the properties you are looking for faster and will get the right place the first time.  If you need help buying an apartment in New York City, contact Kevin at Metropolitan Homes Group.  I’d love to help you find a great place in the city.

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